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Anna Ogier-Bloomer with Compound Yellow, Oak Park, IL
Hannah Harley with The Spruce Residency, Indiana, PA
Stacy Miller with Highbrooks Studios, Pelham, NY
William Felinski with Olio Projects, Philadelphia, PA
Zenkő Bogdán with Universal Pleasure Factory, Cluj, Romania


The following artists will be part of the curation of
Arts Connective Vol. 1: Sustainability: 
Anna Ogier-Bloomer
Hannah Harley
Shannon Finnell
Stacy Miller
William Felinski
Zenkő Bogdán
Zoey Hart


Adrian T White, Annalise Yuri Murphy, Daisy Wiley, Duncan H Figurski,
Frijke Coumans, Hanna Wellish, Jacob Patrick Brooks, Jesse Egner, Kristi Cole,
Liz Wierzbicki, Maryanne Braine, Natalie Birinyi, Pawas Bajaj, Pei Ling Ho, Ping Lu,
Shannon Finnell, Sohil Bhatia, Stacy Miller, Therese Ronco, Zoey Hart. 
Special thanks to Picter for giving us a platform to curate these artists on an international scale. 
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