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Located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, The Spruce Art Residency is a residency designed to enable artists to expand their artistic practice, create freely, and to provide valuable opportunities to further their career and enhance the community’s cultural landscape.


Located in Oak Park, Illinois, Compound Yellow is an experimental art space with curatorial focus in cultural production, sharing economies, participatory art, and interdisciplinary explorations.

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Located in Romania, Universal Pleasure Factory works on performing arts and cultural projects that facilitate the collaboration between artists on an international level with the goal to help creatives connect on a intimate, personal, peer to peer level. 


Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Olio Projects is a collective 
working across art, architecture and design platforms to provide alternative exhibitions, cultural artifacts, and engage the
hyper local and global.


Located in Pelham, New York, Highbrook Studio is a small unconventional art community based on a lively exchange of ideas,
a collaborative troposphere and an active support system.

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