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It’s almost been a year. A year of isolation and negotiating the limited spaces none of us thought
we would have to be stuck within. But here we still are – if you’re reading this, you’ve made it. 

This open call, like many in the past year, is a reminder that making work and creating is still imperative, possible and still valuable. For Spaces We Make (In) we’re looking to see not only the work you have been making, but the spaces you have carved out for yourself to make within. 

This open call is intentionally left vague. There is no theme other than the curiosity of how/where you make. Any medium is welcome including visual mediums, music, audio, writing, and any other moment that you felt creative and connected in some capacity. Along with samples of your work, please include a tour of your space. How do you make and create in lock down? How you want to show this is entirely up to you. 

This show will live digitally for now – artists selected through this open call process will have their work published and shared online through Arts Connective website and social media channels. 

Deadline to Apply: March 8th, 2021

Free to apply!

Once you apply through Google Forms accessible through the button above!
Please feel free to think creatively and to take care of yourself while we're in this pandemic together.

If you have any questions, please contact 

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