The theme of Art Connective's first pilot art show is sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. The potential to maintain at a certain rate or level. To conserve an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. To uphold or defend policies and behaviors. 
How do you sustain your art practice? Your community? Your materials? Your emotional wellbeing? What is the role of artmaking in the sustainability of communities, materials, environment and emotional wellbeing?

Deadline to Apply: August 15th
Accepting digital representations of art.

Free to apply!

Once you apply through Google Forms accessible through the button above, the submissions will be curated and evaluated by a team of artists from different participating cities through the image platform Picter.com. Your work will be curated alongside other artists and displayed in various digital pop-ups across the country and beyond. 

If you have any questions, please contact artsconnective@gmail.com