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To connect artists in various moments of their careers; locally and across
the country; to create a larger support network of creatives by collecting
and curating together digital images shown in pop-up events nationwide and beyond. In addition, to foster a deep international art conversation between artists, giving a place to share stories and insights into making. 


The first iteration of Arts Connective will be in the form of a simultaneous pop-up art show. Spaces in different participating cities will show the same collection of photographs and digital representations of art, that have been curated with the collective input of the organizers from different communities. 
This pop up can take shape as the community sees fit – a projector on a wall with a small gathering of people, artist talks, a TV screen with the images – all events will be aimed at being low effort/budget with the intent of focusing on collecting questions, resources, tips and tricks, and sharing work between artists. 


As we structure these next events, we are looking to foster a community that is more sustainable. The theme of Arts Connective's first pilot art show is sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. The potential to maintain at a certain rate or level. To conserve an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. To uphold or defend policies and behaviors. 
How do you sustain your art practice? Your community? Your materials? Your emotional wellbeing? What is the role of artmaking in the sustainability of communities, materials, environment and emotional wellbeing?
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